Tuesday, October 11, 2005

I Heart Brazil

Today I had a pouty, pouty day. I was in a bad mood all day until my mommy made me a cheesecake. Then I was happy. But then I was made happier by a great conversation with an "old friend," and we got to reminiscing about some fun times we had on the great continent of South America. Those who have read the blog for long or know me well know that I love love love Brazil. I've been three times and it really captured my heart.

To try to get me optimistic about life in general lately some people have suggested that I start thinking about plans for the future. Maybe, just maybe, the doors will open up for me to go to Brazil again. I don't know. I have lots of things that have to happen before I can think about that. But who knows. Maybe God puts these fires in your heart for a reason. You can bet I'll keep my eyes open.

Now, here is a photo tribute to my wonderful mission teams I've been to Brazil with. I dearly love every one (even helped one get married!) and they will always be precious to me.

LST 2001-- Aaron, Ben, Ann, Meredith
Click here to read a story that may or may not be about this team.

LST 2002-- Bob, Cherry, some hairy guy, Ann

Campaign 2004-- Ann, Cherry, Taylor, Bob

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crittermer said...

Cool post, Ann. I know there's a reason God has given you a passion for Brazil and I know He will use you powerfully.=)

Picture #1: What a good lookin' bunch!

Picture #2: I *think* I recognize the hairy guy!

Picture #3: Okay, did Taylor go to Brazil with 3 short people or did Ann, Bob, and Cherry go to Brazil with a tall guy?

Leah said...

I am so glad that you went to Brazil, Ann, and that I got to know you there. You guys were such a blessing to me while I was there--I don't know if I coule have made it otherwise! May your desires for Brazil be blessed!

Gabe said...

Wow. Cool pictures that illustrate the many faces of the mighty Ben Thompson.

Anonymous said...

Oh, those were the days for sure. 4 totally unrelated people going to Brazil.