Thursday, May 22, 2008


A recent trend for bloggers has been to do an open forum, asking readers to submit questions then answering them.

I am trying to focus a little more time on my writing, so while I'm doing that I'm going to open up the floor for you guys to ask me questions.

You have four years worth of fodder in my archives, and I will answer anything tasteful and appropriate for the blogsphere. I will answer anonymous questions that are respectful.

Ask away!

PS- New poll on the left.


Leah said...

Your all time favorite book? Do you ever see yourself going back to Brazil in the future?

Holly said...

What is your favorite memory of living overseas?

Amanda said...

You are so open about so much, I hardly know what to ask.

What is the biggest obstacle for church growth in Brazil?

If you could do absolutely any job, anywhere in the world, what would it be?

irox said...

1. what brand of cat food do you feed your kitty?
2. what has been your favorite music concert and what venue?