Sunday, December 05, 2004

A religious experience- LOTR

Last night ended a journey that started about a year ago. Last night I completed the trilogy, The Lord of the Rings by JRR Tolkien. Let me tell you, people, it was very nearly a religious experience. There were tears, there was laughter and smiles, there was deep philosophical pondering and the feeling of a journey finally completed. Depth on so many levels. I am amazed at how connected I feel with the characters and the plotline. Tolkien had a gift. Very possibly the second greatest story ever told. :)
I would try to dissect it and talk about my favorite characters or moments or quotes, but there are simply too many to try and choose! How could I choose between Frodo or Sam or Pippin or Gandalf or Aragorn? Impossible, I say! It is the way they all work together to create the entirety of the story that is so beautiful.
My goal was to read the books before seeing the movies, and I accomplished that. I also managed to not find out how the story ended until I read it for myself, which was marvelous. I can't wait to get home and watch "The Return of the King."
So if you folks out there haven't read these books, please, do yourself a favor and go pick them up. Who cares if they are "trendy;" they are popular for a reason. Fantastic. I am going to be enchanted with this for a while. :)


Peter Rice said...

Well done, Ann! Glad you enjoyed Tolkien's masterpiece. I have read those books more than once myself but am tempted to give them another go after reading your blog. But, alas, I must finish "The Brother's Karamazov." I know I've told you before how good it is--but it's true! Please read it as soon as you get the chance. You won't regret it! Well, actually, it's within the realm of possibility you might regret it (it's over 900 pages long), but even so, I know I won't regret recommending it. :) God bless!


friend said...

It is the only book series I have ever read...I have done it 4 times myself.