Wednesday, December 15, 2004

A strange little hobbit

Here is a fair warning for all those who will see me upon my return to the US. Using the superb analogy of Peter-san in response to my "roots" blog a few days ago, I will be a strange hobbit. You can expect me to wear two layers of clothing at all times, bow a lot, sprinkle my conversation with words like "Sugoi!" (great), "Kawaii!" (cute), "Dozo" (please) and "Domo" (thanks), and take my shoes off in the entryway of any house I go into. So please excuse my oddness. Sumimasen. :)
But seriously, I have many emotions going through me as I am about to return home. Overall I am mostly excited, but there is also a bit of anxiousness to see what I find on my return. I am to a point in my stay here now where I am really starting to feel settled and taking root in my new life and also feeling myself detach from several things of home. I know I am changing. So part of me is afraid upon this first return because I am sure that I will find that things and circumstances and people there have changed, too. But more than that, I am confident in things that don't change-- like love between friends, shared experiences, and common faith in and devotion to God. And the feeling of home.
In 36 hours I will be in America. :::feel the excitement radiating through the blog::: I will close with the ever-appropriate words of Caedmon's Call: "I'm coming home, I'm coming home..." :)
Love you all.


Gabe said...

Have a safe trip. Looking forward to seeing ya. Gimme a holler when you're in DFW.


Judith said...

I understand how you feel. I'm heading home tomorrow morning for the first time after a year and a half. I'm interested to see how different things seem to me and how I react. I'm praying for God's strength and wisdom. We'll have to share stories when we get back in January. Have a great Christmas!

crittermer said...

Welcome back, Ann!!!=) Hope your journey was free of plane-stress and that the muse of Ted's has smiled upon you by now.=) Give a yell soon!

Anonymous said...

ANN -- I forgot your e-mail address. I need your phone number ASAP because I am thinking about taking a little drive to Texarkana this weekend. E-mail me at!!!