Tuesday, August 02, 2005

Out and About

As the title suggests, I am out of the hospital. I'm on some new medicine now and let's all hope and pray I feel better soon. Although I am out, I am not about. I am the ultimate couch potato these days. Just wanted to give a brief update. Hopefully I'll have a worthwhile blog soon, if anyone's still reading this.
Love y'all.


Josh said...

I'm still reading! I sent you a get well card to your hospital room, but since you're already home, I doubt if you'll get it.

Keep us updated.

Dan Lovejoy said...

This is so hard, I know. And that August 1 date must have been a little sad. I'm just glad you're out of the hospital.

Know that IF God calls you back to Japan, you'll be able to go. I'm certain of it. I hope he does!

Evelina said...

Hi Ann - I followed Misty's trail to your blog. I'm sorry to hear you're still having such struggles with your health. You've been in my thoughts lately. I hope your new medicine works out and you can be out and about again soon.

Leah said...

OF COURSE we are still reading your blog. Hope you are feeling better! Love you lots, Ann!

friend said...

here too.