Saturday, September 24, 2005

Soundtrack of my Life

Soundtrack of my now former life, I suppose I should title this post. One of my friends said something that got me to thinking last week about how I should start cementing my Japan memories in my brain before they all fly out never to be retrieved. So one method I have chosen through which to do that is to make a soundtrack to my life in Japan. These are the songs I have so far (it will be at least a 2-disc album). By the way, I didn't spell check all these names and I really don't care.

Ann in Japan, Vol. 1 and beyond-
Bohemian Rhapsody-- Queen
White Flag-- Dido
Sand in my Shoes-- Dido
Grease Megamix-- Olivia Newton John and John Travolta
Elevation-- U2
Sgt. Pepper'’s Lonely Hearts Club Band-- Beatles
Yellow-- Coldplay
You and Me Song-- The Wannadies
Don'’t Know Why-- Norah Jones
Sunrise-- Norah Jones
Asereje-- Las Ketchup
Hey Ya-- Outkast
Rainy Days and Mondays-- The Carpenters
Sweet Home Alabama-- Lynard Skynard
Hands-- Jewel
Leavin'’ on a Jet Plane-- Peter, Paul and Mary
Take Me Home Country Roads-- John Denver
Stuck-- Stacie Orrico
Every Season-- Nichole Nordeman
Let it all Out-- Relient K
This is How we Overcome-- Zoe Group
A New Anointing-- Zoe Group

Today I listened to all these songs and was flooded with memories of people, places, parties, karaoke, and different emotions I felt while I was there. Some of my Japan peeps will probably recognize a couple of them (I doubt any would get all of them).

Clint Black says it well when he croons, "Funny how a melody can bring back a memory. It'll take you to another place and time; completely change your state of mind."

Do any of my Japan folks remember a song or two off this list? Am I forgetting one I should have on there?

Are there any songs that take you to another time and place when you hear them?


Judith said...

Hey Miss Ann,
I remember some of them from Karaoke. It made me laugh that Asejere is on there. I really remember when you were at my house and shared how "This is How We Overcome" had impacted you that week.

Love you and miss you much!

Jessica Graumann said...

Nothing ever beats Bohemian Rhapsody, but Peter singing Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Heart Club or Blake singing any Moulin Rouge song just might.
Girl, I miss you so much and I am...well, I am just so encouraged by you and your blogs. I love you so much and when I come back to the U.S., I think that the I am going to need to listen to those CD's to help me cement my memories from Japan.
I love you!

Peter Rice said...

Ann, I was overwhelmed with delight to see "Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band" made the list.

I don't think I've sung it since you left Japan. I guess it's season (and what a season it was!) may have come and gone. Nice list!

Anonymous said...

Ann chan.....What a great idea! It's like looking at old photos.....Awesome list of songs you got there! I feel lucky to be able to have shared some great memories with you through many of these songs =D They are precious memories.....I'm sorry we never got to try the Ketchup song at Karaoke! Well, first I think I should learn how to sing it...haha. Hey do you remember when we did Baby Love once at the request of Jared's mum? That was hilarious!