Friday, July 21, 2006

On Respecting Each Other´s Insanities and Hobby #2

Last night I guess I started my second hobby of the week after the baking thing. Side note-- I tried to make brownies this morning but something went horribly wrong. Oh well! Anyhoo, this week and next week is an arts festival in Itu, and part of that has been having this superstar singer come in and give vocal technique classes and another singer teaching a choral that will perform at the end of the festival. Since some of my good friends are singing people, they invited me to go along.

I was scared to death as I went, because a) I don´t sing that well, b) I don´t speak Portuguese that well and c) these folks are serious singers. Oh, and did I mention we were walking in a half hour late? So... I was scared.

It went fine. It was actually really really fun, although it´s scary to have a world class singer standing in front of you while you sing scales. It was really good and I think I could learn a lot, but I´m not sure that I want to go back to the vocal technique class because learning the technical aspects of singing is hard enough, but when you don´t understand a lot of what you´re hearing, then it´s even harder. So we´ll see

But the REAL fun was with the choral class. I get to sing alto, praise the Lord, and I´m kind of a novelty because I can actually read music, so even though I don´t know the songs, I can sing along. It´s nice. Plus I get to meet cool new people. So that´s going to take up my nights for the next week and my extra time as I try to memorize these songs in Portuguese, Italian and Latin.


Since being involved in the church choral and now these classes, some of my friends have said things to the effect of that they like singing, but they don´t like it when people are crazy about it-- you know, perfectionists and such. Point taken. I have felt like that at times (cough cough, campaign 2004, cough cough).

But I would like to suggest that we´re all crazy about something. I dare say that even the most laid back people have one thing that they really care is done well. I have friends who love to sing and sing well. I respect their "insanity" on this issue because it´s their passion, and if I´m involving myself with them in this issue then I´m not going to say a word. I would identify my own insanities as probably political correctness and proper grammar. It´s my deal, yo. I know you´re crazy, too. It´s just a matter of admitting it and figuring out what your own insanity is. :)


crittermer said...

Excellent post, Awhn. My LST peeps and I were having a similiar discussion just yesterday. BFF!=) We were talking about the importance of taking the time to find the things that those we are trying to befriend and minister to are really passionate and insane about. If we can take the time to hear them out on those things and show some genuine interest, then we are much more likley to build a lasting bond and lay a foundation to talk about deeper things later.

I also like your point about how everyone is a nut about something. So true! I guess that means I shouldn't be getting annoyed at people I deem "fanatical" because I'm just a different kind of fanatic myself.=)

And yay for attending singing clinics! I'm going to guess that the singing there is of slightly higher quality than that devo singing we used to engage in back on the 2001 trip.=) (Although nothing will beat the kazoo choir!)

EandJTrygg said...

I took three years of Latin in high school. Barely remember a word of it. Something like "Dabo ad me multum frumentum, Marce." That means "Give me much grain, Marcus!"

We miss you. Pray for you every week we get together. Glad you're having fun down there in the South (America).