Thursday, July 20, 2006

Pode casar!

I baked pretty often in college. I liked to bake and take things to my friends-- my specialites being chocolate chip cookies and brownies. Yum!

Anyhoo, in Japan I had no oven, and most of my time after Japan in America I was in no shape to cook, so I haven´t really baked in a long time. Until yesterday!

I hung out with my friend Pamela and she made some banana bread (hence the previous post). That inspired me! So yesterday I made a couple of batches of my own version of banana bread. Although I am allergic to bananas, I am able to eat cooked banana (thanks for that tip, Traci!). I don´t think my version tasted very banana-bready, because it had a lot of cinnamon and chocolate, too. But the people seem to like it!

When someone... I guess especially a girl... can cook well, they say "pode casar", which means roughly "now you can get married." Two people said that after they tasted it, so we´ll see. :) Haha...


Also, please be praying for my friend Stephen and his family. His grandfather passed away last week, and this week it was discovered that his dad has a life threatening bacterial infection.


Alissa said...

I don't know Stephen, but I just read his blog and my heart goes out to him. What a terrible ordeal.

Misty said...

Yes, I'll be keeping him in my prayers.