Thursday, March 29, 2007

Good Reads

I got nothin', folks. :) Sadly, the "real world" has sucked any interesting, original thought or mundane minutia out of my little head. So instead of writing my own clever blog, I'm going to direct you to some gooduns I've read out there in the past week or so. Enjoy!

"Chasm" on Seek the Father. Whit is always funny, and when you mix in adorable pictures of a baby, it's just too much.

"The Fabulous Gordon Show" on Real Live Preacher. A stark look at how we often view ourselves and our lives, but more disturbingly the people we interact with.

"Blog World" by PreacherMike. I know I have plenty of lurkers out there. I can't quite describe the feeling I have when someone who I don't know or haven't seen in a while tells me they read my blog then brings up one of their favorite posts. It's flattering, but a little odd. Do you think you know me just because you read what I put up here?

"Blog is Dead" by Peter-san. Devastatingly clever indeed. :)

I'll even give Meriadoc an honorable mention for her post that referenced AVB. "What's your tag saaaaaaaaay? Are you ok?" hahahahaha....

Go on and eat your hearts out. And by the way, why don't you go ahead and delurk yourself. I'd like to know who's reading. :)

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