Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Virtual Tour

Here's a virtual tour of my new apartment. Enjoy!

PS-- I would have nicely embedded it, but blogger is being very hateful.
UPS-- Please remember it's still a time of transition in my apartment. Don't judge me by my mess. :)


One of my favorite hymn lyrics is "One step at a time, dear Savior, I cannot take any more..." He knows what we can handle, gives us light for each step and strength for each day. Good old omer of manna. :)


Pamela said...

YAY!!!! That was so much fun!!!! I love the Fireplace!!! I'm jealous of your new digs! My place isn't half as cool as your place! It's wierd to think that in just a couple of months I'm going to be homeless again. ugh. I wish I new what I was going to be doing come August. Wish I could come by with a house warming gift! I need to call you! Things are crazy right now but hopefully soon. bjos

Mark and Kelly said...

Is the other half still available? It sounds tempting...
I hear you're in a safer place than Sims Avenue, so it would be a real upgrade! (just kidding Mom)