Thursday, August 02, 2007

Chavez hearts Penn

Is this from the real news or from The Onion? It looks like it's from The Onion; it has all the elements such as a B list celeb with bad hair and and the "wannabe cool and socially conscious" mentality, but it's gone terribly wrong with Crazy Chavez. My favorite part is where Chavez says that he likes Penn's work, especially Mystic River. How bizarre.

Sean Penn Praised by Venezuelan Dictator Chavez

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EandJTrygg said...

"What's more, Chavez said, 'he's made great films.' The Venezuelan leader said he recently watched Penn's Oscar-winning performance in the film 'Mystic River.'"

Yeah, whatever you say there, Hugo. "Mystic River." Right. We know you didn't see it. Instead, you stayed up late last Thursday watching "Fast Times and Ridgemont High." Whoa!

-- ET