Thursday, September 13, 2007

Life is Good!

To all those who worried because I left a depressing post up for a week, I'd like to say that I was just having a bad day and really, my life is actually pretty darn good right now. In honor of my charmed life, let's have an impromptu Thursday Thanksgiving, which I generally neglect.

I'm thankful for...
  • Caedmon's Call's new album, "Overdressed"
  • Quail Springs Church/my Connections group
  • Diet Dr. Pepper
  • Richard Foster and John Eldridge's books
  • Stories that make me laugh til I can't breathe
  • Unwaveringly encouraging friends
  • Unexpected joy

As a minutia update on a little bit of my life, a few weeks ago I was smoking crack* and agreed to take part in the Race for the Cure's 5k race. I have no idea what made me think that was a good idea. Anyway, it seems that since I've done that, the gods** are against me as I train. In the past week I've had several unfortunate mishaps. The most embarrassing was last weekend, when I was out jogging. I knew that my workout pants had been becoming more loose, but I didn't realize the extent of the trouble until suddenly my pants were not around my waist anymore. They didn't make it all the way down to my ankles, but it was enough of a show for anyone around. And did I mention that I happened to be running around the state capitol at the time? Oh my.

Other things have happened this past week to thwart my training schedule, but today was a new one. As I set out on my warm up this morning I noticed that my foot hurt, then remembered that a friend of mine accidentally stepped on it last night. I went on and did my walk/jog anyway, but was hobbling some by the time I made it back. I checked it out and I do indeed have a nice bruise on my foot, but believe it will heal quickly. It made me nervous at first because it's the same area where I broke my toe about this time last year. My poor battered feet. :)

I'll keep you updated on that. By the way, it's another 101 in 1001 goal. I'm really enjoying this goal list.

*I wasn't really smoking crack. It's an expression
**Don't worry, I'm monotheistic. It's also an expression.


Amy Nickerson said... this story, Ann! Keep up the hard work (and keep up your pants!). It will pay off. I'll be there on race day with ya!!!

Pamela said...

Ok, the part about your pants falling off totally made me giggle! I wear scrubs to work and I am constantly hiking my pants back up...a few weeks ago an old guy poked me from behind with his cane where my pants should have been but weren't...slightly awkward!!! I miss you, I'm beginning to think you are ignoring me. :(