Wednesday, September 05, 2007

What Men Want

CNN brings us confirmation of many women's deepest fears and insecurities:

Men Want Hot Women, Study Confirms

I love how that is the actual title of the article. :)

Does this offend any men out there? Is this an over-generalization? Can women have hope that there are men out there with more depth than this? Ladies, how does this make you feel? Remember, this blog allows anonymous comments.


Karen said...

I assume you meant to type "Men want hot WOmen." Yes, otherwise that might offend a few men out there :-)

ann said...

HAHAHAHAHAHA... oops! :)

Kari said...

I guess I don't really get what this article says that we don't already know? I mean I assumed it was always true that both men and women go for attractiveness. Sure, sore faces can grow more attractive with personality (or in many cases; less attractive with LACK of personality)--but isn't it true that nobody looks at someone from across the room and says "whoa, what a great personality!"
I think the thing that gives fortunate and unfortunate alike hope is that everyone's view of fortunate is different. :)