Thursday, October 04, 2007

My Chains Are Gone

Lately I have found myself really enamored with Chris Tomlin's music. It's a little strange, because for some reason he doesn't strike me as my "type." But he has some seriously good songs and great praise music. I feel like my theme song these days could very well be "How Can I Keep From Singing", because as I have mentioned, I feel like God has filled my cup to overflowing and I am incredibly grateful. His current single is called "Amazing Grace/My Chains are Gone", and is basically Amazing Grace, but with an extra bridge/chorus thrown in:

My chains are gone; I've been set free.
My God, my Savior has ransomed me.
And like a flood, His mercy reigns--
Unending love, amazing grace.

I think it's beautiful. You know those awful shirts marketed to the true and dedicated Christians committed to evangelizing via over-priced clothing? I saw one that was actually kind of poignant, save for the dangling preposition. It simply said, "I am the wretch the song refers to."* It's true, isn't it? We've all been set free from the chains of sin and death through the amazing grace of Christ.

I love the complexity and depth of Derek Webb, (old school) Chris Rice and others, but I also love a simple and beautiful song of praise, too. I highly suggest Chris Tomlin. To hear the songs I mentioned in this post, you can go to Chris Tomlin's myspace page.

*Or, "I am the wretch to which the song refers" :)

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