Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Tender Tennessee Wedding, part 2

And the fun continues!

One of the groomsmen and I had a birthday this week, so they had a cake for us at the reception. So thoughtful! Note- I'm really not a midget. I'm actually wearing heels in this pic!

Bridesmaid Log 5 from Ann W on Vimeo. Trying to find the hotel.

Pretty in pink. Three bridesmaids ready to go!

Bridesmaid Log 6 from Ann W on Vimeo. Pre-wedding.

I get a lot of hits from JettyBetty's blog, so I wanted to be sure to post a picture of how lovely she looked!
Just me and the bride!
The church was gorgeous. I really love this shot.
The bride, MeredithOur OC Honors girls had an awesome reunion at the wedding. Seven of us got to be there!

One last shot before we all go back to our different parts of the world. I love you guys!

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jettybetty said...

Thanks for all your great wedding coverage! I love your pictures!