Wednesday, February 18, 2009

My 1 in 2018

My favorite radio show had the funniest opening act last Saturday, where they took the Drake Equation, used to determine the number of planets in the universe capable of sustaining life, and applied it to single people wondering how many potential mates there are for them in their part of the universe. Seriously.

So here is my Drake Equation. Let's call it the Ann Equation.

I'll start by narrowing it down to Oklahoma, even though that's still quite broad for my personal geography.

Population of Oklahoma- 3,450,000

Population of Oklahoma Males- 1,725,000

Population of Oklahoma Males ages 25-34 (13.1%)- 225,975

Population of Oklahoma Males ages 25-34 and not married or divorced (44%)- 99,429

Population of Oklahoma Males ages 25-34 and not married or divorced with a college education (20.3%)- 20,184 (not necessarily mandatory but hey, why not throw it in)

And let's say I find only 10% of men attractive. Let's be honest, this number is quite high. In reality I don't think anyone finds 10% of people attractive. But anyway. That gives me...


That is the pool I have to work with in the entire state of Oklahoma, when applying the principles of the Drake Effect. And let's be honest, that's not encouraging. Because think of all the other factors! Christian, emotionally stable, no felony records, adherence to dental hygiene standards... the list goes on. :)

Anyhoo, see what you learn listening to public radio? Can you figure out your equation?

And let me say for the record, at the end of the day you just have to find one. The right one. :)

With many thanks to the US Census.


Unknown said...

Do you remember that MTV show years ago called Singled Out? It was kind of like your equation. There was one person looking for a date among 50 people he couldn't see. This person would chose a category (like... hair color) and the three options would be blonde, brunette/black, or red. And all the people who didn't fit that person's choice had to leave. (Usually the categories were far more bizarre than that.) Anyway, they would whittle it down to one person and they would go on a date!

Unknown said...

No felons? Come on! There's a whole building of Okie men next to my office that would love to date you in three to five years...

ann said...

Rebekah, that might be the funniest comment anyone has ever left on my blog. :)

Dwight said...

you should make a widget that does all the math for me :D

Anonymous said...

But if you would consider other states, your number would go up.=)


Unknown said...


OK Chick said...

Umm thanks Ann. You totally brightened my day! Kidding...sort of.