Wednesday, February 04, 2009

Traveling light

The thing about baggage is that you think you need it. Call it preparedness, caution, learning from experience- justify it however you'd like.

It's at the point of speculation at the beginning of the journey that baggage doesn't really feel like a burden, it feels like reassurance.

But it's in moving forward that you have to bear the weight you are choosing to carry.

So choose your baggage carefully. Figure out which things are worth holding on to, and what things you just have to let go.


Lj said...

The only way to fly is to buy stuff when you arrive! You help everybody!

Mark said...

Hi Ann, found your web site from a little hint on another site. Just dropping a short note here to say what a great blog you've put together (the Christmas gifts video was especially funny). Sorry for the off-topic post here... Mark