Wednesday, April 01, 2009

You keep using that word

You keep using that word. I do not think it means what you think it means. -Inigo Montoya








What looks like failure is success
And what looks like poverty is riches
When what is true looks more like a knife
It looks like you’re killing me
But you’re saving my life

What looks like weakness can do anything
And what looks like foolishness is understanding
When what is powerful has not come to fight
It looks like you’re going to war
But you lay down your life

Derek Webb, "What is Not Love"


Holly said...

So much of how we interpret words or assign meanings to them has to do with our individual experiences. Praying for you!

Bone said...

Well I clicked over here because of your Boom! Roasted! comment on OKChick's blog. And now I see but a hilarious quote from The Princess Bride, too :)

friend said...

“One and the same exhortation is not suited to all…Often, for instance, what is profitable to some, harms others. Thus, too, herbs which nourish some animals, kills others; gentle hissing that calms horses, excites young puppies; medicine that alleviates one disease, aggravates another.” – pg 89

Hope you are still doing well.