Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Don't placate me, Dove Chocolate!

Dear Dove,

I bought a bag of your sweet chocolate the other day because I just needed chocolate and encouragement, and you are kind enough to supply both in a bite sized wrapper.

The chocolate has lived up to all it is known to be, but the encouraging messages, not so much.

I have gotten gems such as "Patience is a virtue." "Don't judge others or yourself." Or of the Drink More Ovaltine variety of fail, "Enjoy a Dove Chocolate."

What on earth! If I am eating chocolate for comfort, for the love, don't tell me patience is a virtue. If I wanted to believe that at the moment, I would not be eating chocolate. And no, I won't judge myself for eating away the pain, but please don't bring it up!

What happened to the good old messages that made me love Dove Chocolate? Or perhaps you could have different varieties. I suggest the self-pitying variety, the vengeful variety, The sucky day variety, the I am woman hear me roar variety, and maybe even the home spun wisdom variety. Those holier than me can keep the nice platitudes.

All in all, I still love the product, but would like to see more chocolate appropriate messaging. :)




OK Chick said...

I LOVE Doves! They are so good!!!

Unknown said...

I was just commenting to Jim a few days before I read this post (as I was eating a Dove chocolate... or two) that the messages they gave you kind of sucked these days. They were all too selfish or just told you to eat more Dove chocolate. Um duh. I'm glad that I'm not the only one who noticed!