Tuesday, November 03, 2009

Turner Falls

As a preemptive strike against going crazy during this busy week, yesterday I took the day off and went down to Turner Falls. I'd never been, and it was blissful. I went on the PERFECT day- weather was perfect, foliage was perfect, and there were maybe 15 other people I ran across the entire day. Thank you Lord!

Here are some of my favorite pics. All of them can be seen in my Turner Falls Album.

The first thing I noticed and was entranced by all day were the falling leaves floating along in the water.

And of course the waterfalls. Turned the corner and there it was... breathtaking.

And I met some little bug friends.

This little guy car surfed on my windshield for quite a while!

This was a "messed up" shot that I thought turned out really cool.

And of course... sunset.

What a glorious day! I kept just singing to myself and God all day long, since no one was really around to hear me. Thank you Lord!


Angie said...

ooohhh this makes me want to go! my family went there alot back in the day. great pics!

Alisha said...

Wow, it looks beautiful. It's kind of a shame that I've never been there.

Alyson said...

I love your pictures. The "messed up" one looks like it could be Jesus coming through the clouds!

timj104 said...

Some beautiful pictures, it looks such a wonderful place to visit. I wish I could see frame pictures the way you do.

Jonahson said...

Those pictures are awesome. I like them.

OK Chick said...

I had no idea Turner Falls was so pretty. It sounds like a really nice afternoon. I might need to check out TF soon.

Leah said...

Beautiful, Ann! Your pictures are wonderful, and looks like a great getaway!