Monday, January 17, 2011

My weird life- Namaste

Sometimes things happen and I think, "Wow, did that just happen?" This is one of those things. The latest in a series of "My Weird Life."

Sometimes I am a bit honk-happy. I live downtown with crackheads roaming the street, I drive interstates to my commute, I'm a take charge girl, so sometimes I honk.

So Saturday as I was driving home, I was behind a car that STOPPED in the middle of the road. No stop sign, no yield sign, just stopped. So I gave a little beep of my horn.

Then an Indian lady (subcontinent) dressed in scrubs came out of the car and started talking to me, but didn't seem upset. She asked why I was honking. I asked if she was OK. She asked why I asked if she was ok. I said, well, people don't usually stop in the middle of the street. She asked if she could turn left at this particular intersection and I said yes.

By this time she was at my window that was rolled down, and after I answered her question, she just lit up like a Christmas tree and said, "Oh thank you! Namaste!" Then kissed her hands and pressed them against my arm. Then went back to her car.

Then I drove home, making sure she couldn't see where I live. :)

Oh my crazy life.

*Picture not related, but another weird Oklahoma thing I recently saw.

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Anonymous said...

Tonto would have said: '"ke-mo sah-bee", explaining that the phrase means "faithful scout"
Stan - Dad - Pie Pie