Wednesday, July 14, 2004

Blog Recommendation

I made it back from Honduras, and am in the process of chronicling it. I will post that as soon as I'm through with it. In the meantime, I want you to check out one of the best blogs you're not reading (probably). There are only 3 blogs I read regularly, and this is one of them. It is called Praying Mantis. I stumbled on it quite accidentally, but loved it and have been checking it ever since. Instead of trying to tell you all about this guy (I don't know anything about him, really), I'll just let you check it out. He posts a lot of spiritual poetry, and here is one of my recent faves:

This is me,

full of faults,
cracking the confidence
of who he is making me to be,
even though I am so far away
and so in debt to him.

on her love,
their friendship,
His life,
communion and liberty.

because I've paused
from breathing life,
and forgot the source,
of my breath and life.

in my loyalty
to His cause,
even if I am
along the way.

of all that I can't leave behind
of all I've never seen,
for all that I still haven't found,
of a love like no other.

in need of straightening...
laid flat,
in need of the bell to sound...
in need of his filling...
in love,
with all that they are.

I am the body of Christ,
I am the saint and the sinner,
I am the servant of the King,
I am the postman with the message,
the preacher with the balm of Gilead,
the watchman,
the town crier,
the joker,
and the fool,
the singer in the court,
the prisoner who was pardoned,
the lost put in the place of honor.

I am the undeserving,
the hopeless wanderer,
and the son of
the right hand of God.

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