Saturday, July 24, 2004

Father-Daughter Bonding

Tonight began an event that will probably change my family forever: we began watching Shogun. Ever since I began having anything to do with Japan-- roommates or a future career or whatever-- my father has been pressing me to see this movie. Well, I shouldn't call it a movie. It is a 10 hour epic event. For those of you born before this was made, this is a mini-series staring Richard Chamberlain which was made in 1980. My dad even went so far as to buy the entire 5 DVD set so that I could be sure to have this experience before I went to Japan. So far, so good. I think this will really help my Japanese. Hey-- after a 10 hour movie I think I could have the langauge down pretty well! :) Anybody else out there seen it and would like to comment on it? Posted by Hello

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