Thursday, November 10, 2005

Sweet surrender? Not quite....

Well I have had quite the busy past couple of days. I guess this all started Monday, really. The elders at my church here contacted my parents and said they wanted to have a special prayer meeting for me. At first I was a little worried that they knew something I didn't know, but no they just were concerned for me. So we did that Monday night and it was touching and moving, and meant so much to me.
Then suddenly Tuesday it was like someone lit a fire under my world. All my doctors went on high alert (thanks to some special people, I think) and they got me in to see a thyroid doctor on Wednesday in Little Rock. So that was exciting-- progress!
Yesterday my mom and dad and I went down there, and I did a battery of tests and we saw the doctor. He said that he thought my thyroid problem was probably just a secondary problem to my severe malnutrition and anemia. Apparently all my bloodwork came back looking pretty bad. So... the thyroid doctor, light under his tush, calls my primary care physician and tells the news.
My family doctor then immediately hospitalizes me today. She's been wanting to for a while. :) I, however, have been resistant. But today I just kind of threw in the towel (hence the post title) and said "fine, whatever." Of course deep down I know this is what I need.
Goal for the hospital-- NUTRITION! They're putting me on TPN or IV feeding. Today I faced one of my greatest fears and had a central line put in. That's an IV in your collar bone. But God provided with unexplainable peace and the fact that the doctor who did the procedure actually goes to my church! But please continue to pray for my mental and physical strength.
This could be the first step on a long road, which discourages me. Please pray that I'll keep the mind and vision to always look forward. I'm trying my best.
Love you all.


SCWhite said...

Christus St.Michael Hospital
2400 St. Michael Drive
Texarkana Texas 75503
Room 272 south

DJG said...

I hope you get all that you need there. Sounds like the prayers have built a shield around you.

Anonymous said...

You will be in my prayers.

Just for grins. Curt Niccum gave his class an assignment of writing mean and nasty emails to me since he got stuck with one of my classes. So - this weekend all my students get bonus points for returning the favor. There is even extra bonus points for the very best letter sent. I'll send it your way when the contest is done.


ann said...

I've been moved to room 684. Phone number 903-614-7684.