Friday, February 24, 2006

What You Can Do

While I was sick, probably hundreds of people asked my family and me what they could do to help. I'm never really sure what to say when someone asks that, because I'm never sure if they really want to help or if they're just doing social graces. But since I've gotten better I have a good answer.

During my illness and hospital stays, I received several transfusions of blood and plasma (at least 10 units). Sadly, I've never donated blood in my life, although my dad has donated regularly as long as I can remember. I was scared. But I've given lots of blood in the past year and can honestly tell you that it's not bad. I won't lie-- it ain't great-- but it definitely doesn't deserve the drama that I and so many other people give it.

So that to say... please donate blood! If donors hadn't given in T-town and in OKC, I don't know what I would've done! To find out how to go about it, this website is the search results for blood donation. I'm sure wherever you give, your gift will find a grateful recipient. My own dear mother, deathly afraid of needles, made a donation on Wednesday night. And it went just fine.

So go for it, folks! A little stick is worth what it will mean to the recipient. You could save a life! Gambatte kudasai!


Misty said...

What an important and always welcome reminder, yo.

Leah said...

Hi Ann! Thanks for your comment. I actually read this post the same day we gave blood and I was feeling guilty that we had to be bribed to do it. But I guess whatever works! I think those people who go every chance they can for years and years are so cool!

I agree, our trip to Brazil was amazing! I was so thankful you guys were there and I would go back in a heartbeat. It was so great!

Hope you are having a good week!