Friday, March 03, 2006

Not a Mullet!

So... one of the side effects of months upon months of malnutrition is hair loss. Yeah. So my hair has thinned out A LOT. When I go to wash my hair I joke with my family that I'm going to "wash my three hairs" (Simpsons joke-- Homer has a 3 hair comb-over).

This whole situation had started to really worry me. I'm not really a vain person, I don't think, but what girl really wants to lose more than half of her hair! Or boy for that matter!

But alas, there is light at the end of the tunnel. I have new hair growth that is about an inch long all over my scalp! But right now it's at a terrible length to work with. It pretty much sticks straight up or out, depending on location. So, between the short hair making an appearance and my thinned-out long hair... I believe it looks like I am sporting a mullet.


Hahaha, I laugh about it, but it does make me sort of self-conscious. But it's a good lesson in humility, I suppose. So if you see me while my hair is still in it's awkward adolescent phase, be kind and remember, it's not a mullet. :)


R C Taylor said...

Do you need a cool hat? You should rock a cool hat. Or just rock the new hair. But if you need an OU law hat, lemme know.

Leah said...

Hi Ann!
Thanks for the comments--it's always nice to know that people really are reading our blog!

Here is my take on AI--I was not overly impressed with any of the girls, but I like Paris. I saw her audition, and she was excellent. I think she was just having a bad night this week. I also like the bald rocker guy, and I have to root for Ace our hometown guy.

I have not heard from Flavia in a couple of years. I talked to her once right after we moved to Denver, but that was several years ago. I didn't know her mom had become a Christian, but that is so exciting! I may try to email her and I will let you know if I talk to her!

Hope you are having a good weekend--the weather is awesome here!

friend said...

Hair today
gone tomorrow