Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Short and Sassy???

Today I had a consulatation with my hair stylist about the mullet problem. I'm very very tempted to chop it all off... well not ALL off, just even it up. But that will be short short short. I've never had short hair. I'm not sure what to do, but my hair does look ridiculous in its current state. So... opening up the polls... should I go for it and just get it cut? I would post a picture of how I look now, but like I said, my hair looks stupid and I'm too vain for that. :)


Mark and Kelly said...

1. Parabens para voce nessa data querida, muitos felicidades, muitos anos de vida! The Brasilians always know how to put it best--happy birthday, may you have many more years!
2. It's hard for us as your blog readers to give informed advice without seeing pictures, but I think short hair is a fun idea. What a way to ring in #24. And if it turns out to not be all you'd hoped will grow out and be a great story.

Summer said...

Happy Belated Birthday Ann!

I agree - maybe you can go short as part of celebrating your 24th. In any case, you will always be one of the most beautiful people I know. As to previous posts, they're right. Hair does grow, bad cuts do make for great stories, and you can always wear hats. While you're at it, why not expand the repertoire by adding scarves, turbans, berets, etc? Haha! I love you!

Alissa said...

Even if you hate it short, either way you're going to have to wait for it to grow. I say go for it--you might decide you like having it short.

Anonymous said...

Ben says lop it, but lop it for some profound reason--like you are cutting it short now to represent the growth the Churches of Christ have achieved in the past 100 years and your new hair growth will represent the growing we can do in the next 100 years.
Btw, I fall into the bad friend category for forgetting your b-day.

Leah said...

GO FOR IT! I love short hair--so easy and low maintenance! Do it!

crittermer said...

I'm going to have to jump on the bandwago n and say "go for it!", although not necessarily for the symbolic and allegorical reasons that others seem to be presenting. I just think it would be cute!

And I have to amen Summer--you're a beautiful person no matter what kind of hair-do you have!=)