Tuesday, June 27, 2006


Finally, my people, I am able to bring you what I have been promising for weeks. Pictures! So without further ado, here are some of the faces I´ve been seeing a lot lately. Haha... :)

This is Jonathan, who for the record is not my husband-- haha. :) It was lots of fun to have him here for the first week I was here! Saudades, querido!

This is Yesky, the English school I work at that my friends own. Yay for orange and green! :)

This is just a pretty picture of me at a place called Monte Sião.

It´s Copa time! These are three sweet guys-- Rafael, Guto, and Jonathan-- at the first game.

My cool peeps in São João da Boa Vista-- Elaine, Oseias, and Thiago.

I have more pictures to post, which I will soon. But Blogger is being onery. Blah! Love you all lots!


Mark and Kelly said...

Yay for pictures! Keep 'em coming. You look so happy...it's nice to see your smiling face.

Rusty and Rachel said...

Hey Ann, Rusty Woods from Mito, Japan (now, Memphis, TN) desu! Just linked to your site and thought I'd say hello. I didn't know you were out of the States again. Glad you are doing well and look happy in the pics on the site. Anyway, God bless you wherever you are.


amanda said...

Have you been watching the games with them? I assume the Brazilians are as crazy about soccer as the Italians. We had a party at our house for the game with Italy and the USA. Since then I haven't watched, but I don't really need to. I can just count the outbursts of cheers and horns to know how many goals we scored!

Leah said...

You look SO good, Ann! I am so happy for you and hope your time there is all you had hoped and more. Can't wait to see more pics!

crittermer said...

Hip hip hooray for Annnnn-nnnn-nnn! Hip hip hooray for Annnn-nnnn-nnnn! Hip hip hooray (hey!). . .hahaha, remember those days? Yay for pictures! Looks like you're doing well!

Izumi said...

Finally! I have been waiting for these pics. Thanks for posting! You look great. I'm glad you are flying around like your blog name!
Love you so much and I miss you!!

Pana Jonathan said...

Por que nao podemos nos casar? Nao entendo por que nao! ;) Tambem estou com muitos saudades de voce, da gente em Itu e do Brasil em general. Se cuide! Deus lhe abencoe! Abraco!