Saturday, June 17, 2006

My Father´s Daughter

Tomorrow´s father´s day, and like many years in recent times I will once again be a continent or so away from my dad. So in honor of the occasion, I will do what any child of the modern age would-- write a blog. Haha!


I know I´m my father´s daughter when I--

  • would swear on all things holy that "green box spaghetti" is simply the best
  • actually argue for the validity of the sports of hunting or Nascar
  • can truly appreciate a good recliner
  • am responsible
  • am fairly positive that there´s no way I could be wrong about something. ;)
  • check the oil in my car (back when I had one)

Happy father´s day, dad! And all other dads, grandads, and father figures out there!

1 comment:

Summer said...

Three cheers for Green Box Spaghetti! It's seriously one of the only things my brother will eat!