Friday, June 30, 2006

The Wheels of the Bus

Today in an effort to broaden our culture horizons and compare the cultures with which I have had the most experience, I will talk about public bus system.

Both Brazilians and Japanese rely on the bus system much more than we do in America. That´s an understatement. But for my daily life in both countries I have become a patron of the bus system. Generally I really like this, because I don´t like driving, and I really don´t have a desire to drive in either country (Japan because it´s backwards, Brazil because it´s kind of crazy).

In Japan, the bus stops are clearly marked and there are schedules telling you the exact minute that your bus will arrive. In Brazil you´ve got to have an inside source to help you figure out where the stops are and as for schedules... well you just stand and wait. :) My experience with buses in Itu has been much better than it was in Campinas. We could wait like, 45 minutes there for a bus whereas here the most has been about 15 minutes.

In Japan the bus is freaking expensive. For me to go to my school each was about $5. And they charge by the number of stops you stay on the bus. In Brazil it´s about $.80 and you can stay on as long as you want.

One superficial, random fact is that in Brazil you board the front of the bus and exit out the back, and in Japan you board the back and exit out of the front.

That´s all I can think of now. Yay for public transportation!


In strange news, why is the top CNN and MSN headline that Bush and Koizumi are going to Graceland together? Am I in bizarro world?


Neener said...

I was wondering the same thing as I checked out the CNN headlines today! They even posted the menu to be served. I had no idea why this is happening.

And it's interesting to me that you have to pay a butt load to ride the bus in Japan, but in return, they seem to have a very efficient system.

You get what you pay for, is that what they say?

I have yet to take a Dart here in Dallas!

Misty said...

Off topic a bit, but is Brazil taking the loss to France as hard as ESPN2 is saying?

Leah said...

Ann, I was heartbroken to hear that Brazil lost to France. How did that happen?!

Anonymous said...

You should also mention the bus system on the morning of a World Cup game! So much for slowing down for lombadas!

crittermer said...

Awwwwhhhh! Lombadas! I always scream "lombada!" when I go over a speedbump--it doesn't matter where I am or who I'm with. Unfortunately everybody just thinks I'm weird and doesn't get it. Yay for lombada humor!=)