Thursday, October 05, 2006

Seu Zezo and other stuff

Yesterday I needed to go by the construction site of the new church building here to take pictures, so Seu Zezo (Seu is a title of respect, his name is Zezo, which I´m pretty sure is a nickname for Jesus-- the name, not our Savior) took me there. Seu Zezo is an elder here and is becoming one of my favorite people. I´ve been here four months, and it was only two weeks ago that Seu Zezo learned that I am not Brazilian. Clearly, we hadn´t engaged in any large discussions, but I do remember translating for him once when the campaigns were here. But anyway, now everytime he sees me he says, "speak English!" I don´t know if he means I speak English or he speaks English or what. :) When we got in his car yesterday I was amazed because the CD he was playing was hard core techno... so loud you could feel it. :) I love Seu Zezo and his sweet family.


I´m pretty sure this could be me one day...


Tonight is the McBride Center Lecture. I wish I could be there... but I´m pretty sure the rest of my life is going to entail wishing I could be in more than one place at once.


By the way, this week has been amazing so far. Last week is a distant bad memory. :) Thanks to you guys for your support and prayers.

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Anonymous said...

Hey, I went to a little of Pinsky's speech tonight! I enjoy people who have command of their words in such a way that old ideas take on a new sheen. It was about David of course, but one thing I'm having trouble chewing on is that he mentioned that some scholars believe Jonathan and David were homosexual partners. Well, David did say his love was better than that of women! Ick! But it's just a suggestion, nobody knows. It was interesting to see Pinsky's Jewish take on David. Anyway, I was only there about 45 min. before I had to leave.

I'm glad things are a little better for you! I love you lots!

Cherry Renae