Saturday, October 21, 2006


If you don´t read the PostSecret blog every week, you are missing out. To summarize, it´s kind of a contemporary art project. People from all across the country/world make postcards with their secrets on them, then mail them anonymously to this guy. He chooses a sampling to post on the internet every week. It´s so theraputic, heartbreaking, funny, and inspiring to read what people are holding in. The strangest and best feeling is when you read a card and think, "You too? You mean I´m not the only one?"


Recent Movies I´ve Seen

Olga-- A Brazilian movie about a woman who was one of the leaders in an attempted coup of the Brazilian government by the Socialist party. She was captured by Nazis and sent to a concentration camp. I watched this movie in Portuguese and could follow what they were saying well enough. My problem was that I didn´t understand the story. After talking to my friends afterwards I realized my big problem was that I thought the Nazis and the Communists were the same people. The Brazilians were shocked I could think that and informed me of course not, they´re enemies and at opposite ends of the political spectrum. This movie gave me lots of things to think about. Good movie.

World Trade Center-- Good movie, but I don´t want to see it again. I feel about it like I felt about The Passion of the Christ. I feel it was good and important for me to see it, but it was so stressful at the same time. I thought it was good for sticking to it´s purpose and good and staying unpolitical.

Take the Lead-- I liked it! I´m a sucker for nice stories, and this had several. Plus I love dancing and this had plenty of it. Good fun movie.

I haven´t seen The Last Kiss yet, but I am anxiously awaiting the video release in the US so I can see it!!! It comes out here in December. :(


Yesterday my beloved people from São Paulo came to visit! Oh it was so wonderful! What a great day of Brazilian lounging and eating and laughing.


I´d like to apologize to some people who I accidentally left off of my blog roll recently. I switched over to the new Blogger, and with that had to redo my links. I honestly believe that blogger is eating some of my links, because I recently noticed that Josh, Ben, and Praying Mantis were no longer links. There are probably others, and if you´ve been deleted, please don´t be mad, just tell me and I´ll re-add you.


I like my new cluster world map thing here on the right. It´s fun to see where people are reading me! It´s cool because I can see Jonathan´s little dot in Venezuela, Amber in Honduras, and Pamela in Canada... I´d like to give a shout out to my European readers! I have no idea who you are! ;) Fun stuff.


I bought my ticket to return to the motherland. Three weeks from tomorrow eu vou embora (I go away). I have about a billion emotions wrapped up in this, but I´m not going to write about it now. Maybe after I´m back in the US. I´m just going to focus on putting as much time as possible into being all here right now, completely in these moments.

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panajonathan said...

This is your No. 1 fan from Venezuela, reporting for duty! ;) I had no clue that you broke your toe!

Tem sido legal conversar com voce pelo MSN ultimamente. A verdade e que agora estou sofrendo um pouco com a adaptacao cultural e me ajuda muito falar com alguem que entende a situacao!

Quando vai pra Gringolandia? Nao pode chegar a Venezuela no caminho ao EUA? ;)

Deus lhe abencoe! Abraco!