Thursday, December 07, 2006

Thanksgiving Thursday

Last week I forgot Thursday Thanksgiving! Shame on me! It wasn't that I wasn't thankful, I just forgot. :( Oops!

Then today I was having a craptacular day. Nothing big happened, just all the little things seemed to go wrong. So I very nearly didn't post one on purpose today. How wreched of me is that?! But I just received an email that more than made up for any little junk. So thanks to that little Godlight, I now present my Thursday Thanksgiving.

I am thankful for--

  • visits with old, dear friends
  • good advice from people you love and trust
  • new life
Introducing Miss Chloe Sylvia, beautiful daughter of Alissa and Rob!
  • a car to use pretty much falling into my lap
  • the spirit of Christmas
  • open and honest people willing to ask hard questions
  • warm blankets
  • staying safe during the winter storm in Oklahoma

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