Saturday, December 02, 2006

Winter Wonderland

Hey folks!

I arrived in OKC on Wednesday afternoon, just before the big winter storm hit. I've been pretty homebound from Wednesday night til today, but it's been great to be with the Carpenters and I've visited with the McBrides too, since they live just across the street.

The weather was pretty bad. It was sleeting all Wednesday night then snowed all day Thursday with temperatures in the teens. Thank God for a warm house.

I took some pictures. Here you go--

Where'd my foot go? I think Edmond got a good 6".

Happy holidays from your favorite Snow-Ann.

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Pamela said...

Snow. We have a lot of it up here. I shoveled my walk twice today. The snow just keeps blowing in. We've gotten a good foot of the stuff in teh last day. The drifts are pretty big! Enjoy your snow! mil beijos para voce querida! te amo muito mais do que eu posso explicar!