Friday, April 18, 2008


Some may call this a vice, but my favorite music to listen to when I work out is hip-hop and dance mixes.

I love it. When I'm working out, I slip into my fighter mentality. I don't advocate a dog eat dog attitude, but I think that there is a lack of tenacity that is perpetrated in our American culture and even within the church. Meek, mild, and fatalistic really isn't all we're called to be.

Although they don't channel their frustrations and desires well the vast majority of the time, one thing a lot of these artists get is that you've got to be willing to fight for what you're working towards. No one will hand it to you.

The fact is that the things that are worth the most in life are things you have to fight for. For me, something I've had to fight for is my self-esteem, and my new workout regimen has been a big part of that.

So here is my workout playlist that pumps me up to kick butt through my workout. The bold are the ones I feel keep with the theme of the post.
  • Shut Up and Drive- Rhianna
  • Low- Flo Rida
  • Let's Get it Started- Black Eyed Peas
  • One, Two Step- Ciara
  • Mama Said Knock You Out- LL Cool J
  • Party Like a Rock Star- Shop Boyz
  • Stronger- Kanye West
  • Lose Yourself- Eminem
  • This is Why I'm Hot- Mims
  • Sexyback- Justin Timberlake
  • Hips Don't Lie- Shakira
  • Don' Cha- Pussycat Dolls
  • Vertigo- U2
*note, author does not necessarily recommend these songs

What are the songs that pump you up? What do you work out to? I'm always looking for new workout music.


Leah said...

Okay, I probably should not admit this, but I love Panic at the Disco and Fall Out Boy when I am working out. It pumps me up! But the above choices sound great, too. I may have to try them out!

Kari said...

when I run, I have a very wide range of songs to get me through.
if it's a run that is more than 10 miles, I usually have a mix of upbeat and mellow songs. Because running for that long, you forget you're working, and sometimes just need a little jack johnson to enjoy the weather.
if I'm going for time, or repeats on the track, i stick to like Green Day, or Blink 182.
I've gotten so used to letting my music be an added bonus to my runs, that I don't depend on it for tempo (meaning I don't change my pace to the song).
EXCEPT for Yellow, by coldplay. I always run to the tempo of that one when it comes on. Sometimes it causes me to speed up, sometimes it lets me slow down. But not knowing when (or if) it's going to show up keeps me guessing. :)

Rachel O said...

I like songs that have good strong beats to step to. Here are mine, and YES SOME ARE DORKY:

-Since U Been Gone - Kelly Clarkson
-Get up off of that thang - james brown
-You shook me all night long - ACDC
-Rock and Roll all nite - KISS
-Real Gone - Sheryl Crow
-Love Shack - b52's YES I SAID DORKY
-Hella Good - No doubt

etc etc

Celia said...

ooh, great list! i love hip-hop and dance mixes to work out to...i recently started working out (going to walk the half marathon next week!), so i am slowly building my "work out" playlist. one that i love is "work that," mary j blige - also in keeping with your post, i think.