Thursday, June 19, 2008

The endearing fist bump

As if there aren't enough reasons to love Barack Obama, the picture to the right gives me all the more reason.

A little history. I have long been opposed to the high five; I find it awkward and unnatural.

So how fantastic is it now that the fist bump has come into common use.

I was skeptical at first, until one of the vice presidents of the university made it a point to greet and dismiss everyone in our office with a fist bump on a regular basis. Although at first it was funny to me, I quickly warmed up to the process. In fact, I started using it myself around campus and socially.

It's just so... endearing. Endearing is the word I use to describe things (or people) that are awkward yet irresistibly lovable.

And I love that Barack and Michelle Obama fist bumped as he was announced the democratic nominee. That look on her face, to me, says, "Okay, Boo, now you go out there and win that presidency!" :) Ooh, I love it.

I can't wait to find my Boo like that and live a life-long fist bump of love.

Long live the fist bump! Anyone else with me on this?


Rachel O said...

She seems very classy, she always looks very jackie O

Amy Nickerson said...

Fist bump of love! You're too funny!

Kari said...

too many things to say. . ..

number one:
it's called "pounding it" or a "tater tot" typically. or at least in detroit.

number two:
what is wrong with high fives!? it's the single-handedly (ha ha) most spectacular way to be excited about ANYTHING. i mean, beck made a song called hi-5. the wayans brothers are happy, singing, and colored--they give high-fives. . .and who can forget The Todd from Scrubs, and Putty from Seinfeld!? Clearly, high points in our pop culture, all representing the importance and value of the high five.

number three:
while i know there are other underlying reasons you personally seem to like this obama character. . .it's a little sad that people WILL use snapshots of his campaign like this to make their decisions because they think it is something "cute" that happened. that disturbs me.

that being said, i often enjoy pounding it. or sometimes even "fists of power" if i'm not close enough to pound.

give me a high 5!

Amanda said...

You are so funny! What was funnier, or actually ridiculous, was the people having negative things to say about the Obama's because of this. Sorry stuffy political analysts, but the fist bump (or whatever you want to call it) has been around awhile.

I love your interpretation of her facial expression. That's awesome!

Somehow I have a hard time picturing your "fist bumping"...