Saturday, June 14, 2008

Father's Day

Stan and Ann, circa 1982

I imagine it's not easy being my dad. :)

But when I decided I was going to go to Oklahoma to school, my dad supported me and helped make that happen.

And when I decided to be an English major, he didn't give me speeches about the importance of a marketable degree.

And when I began traveling around the world on my summer vacations and then moved abroad, he was proud of me.

And when I got sick, he was always there and endured what parents shouldn't have to, just to make sure that I was never alone.

And when it turns out that I disagree with him on different topics, he respects what I have to say.

And when I'm still just a little girl who needs her dad's advice or help, he is always more than willing, without making me feel like a burden or foolish.

And I know that no matter what lies ahead, I'll always have someone who believes in me.

Thanks, Dad. I love you.


blueprint baby said...

Thanks for your comment and encouragement. I love this post, especially the picture. I'm a third child so I doubt I can find a picture of me this little wtih my dad!

marge said...

thats awsome ann
im so glad that you have a dad like
i can only hope someday if and when i marry my husband will do the same
love you girl

meghan said...

Ann...this is just precious (and I wish I could come up with a stronger word than "precious", but at the moment I cannot.)