Saturday, October 11, 2008

Through the years

I know this website has made the rounds, but I finally got around to playing with it tonight.



1962- The greenhouse effect probably started right about this year... thank you hairspray.

1966- Mousse has been very good to me.


1978- Oh yes.

1986- Who couldn't rock a jerry curl?

1994- Uh oh, starting to hit a little close to home...

1996- Hmm, is this the Jenni Garth look? I think the platinum hair dark eyebrows were common.

2000- WAY too close to home! This is the year I graduated! :) Dear, dear bangs.


Anonymous said...

1952 might pass for Granny Mary

Nefertari said...

That's so funny:)

Anonymous said...

the two that i did that worked best were 66 and 68, my personal fav of yours was 86.. had a michael jackson vibe to it. :)