Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Paris- Delightfully Europe

I remember my first day in Paris (and really every day) we'd walk around the city, and I swear with every corner I turned I'd gasp at the beautiful scenery, architecture, and all things delightfully European. Here are a few of my favorite miscellaneous pictures.

I love this picture. Such a good time.

This is outside Notre Dame. He is apparently the pidgeon man.

This happy child is feeding the birds in front of Notre Dame as well.

It's hard out here for an accordion player.

A mirrored building.

CREPES. Yum. Nutella crepes. I also had a wonderful crepe with egg, cheese, and tomatoes.

My perfect Parisian breakfast. Croissant, cafe au lait, and orange juice. Plus my journal. Perfect.

Cute little cafe in Montmarte.

This was at dinner my last night in Paris. Ross was a wonderful and gracious host and I couldn't have imagined the trip being any more perfect! I am officially one of those Europe-philes now, and I highly recommend Paris to anyone. :)

The rest of my many many Paris pictures can be found by clicking here.

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JOHNHOON said...

Paris is so nice!
I just plan to travel there!
Thanx for sharing some photos!