Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Paris- The Tours

So, my friend Ross is a tour guide in Paris. He's really great at what he does. He leads walking tours around the city, each with a different theme. I went on three- French Revolution, WWII, and the DaVinci Code (oh yes- I saw where the grail is hidden). :)

It was fantastic because even when we were just running around, he knew what almost everything was and the history behind it. It made the experience so much more rich and great! I highly recommend Fat Tire Tours in Paris, although I hear their best guide is leaving at the end of November. :)

Tour guide Ross in action!

This was the DaVinci Code tour group. Miko on the left was from Finland, and Marina and George on the right were from Canada. We went to lunch with them afterward- they were great! I loved meeting the different people.

This was the most important monument Ross pointed out. When Texas was a republic, this was its embassy in France. ~Texas, our Texas, all hail the might state...~

Like all roads lead to Rome, so all tours go through the Louve. So here are my Louve pictures.

Lovely morning light at the Louve.

A view towards the Tuileries Gardens

Modern classic.

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