Monday, November 10, 2008

Things that let me know I am getting older

  1. Smile lines
  2. Most Olympians are younger than me
  3. Learning from my mistakes
  4. Putting money in a retirement fund
  5. Grey hair
  6. Being friends for 20+ years
  7. Admiring the idealism of youth
  8. Saying things like "kids these days..."
  9. Going to bed by 11pm
  10. Avoiding foods that upset my stomach
What things remind you that you're "growing up"?


Rachel O said...

Going to bed by 11???? Dang I'm in bed as soon as Gary England is done!!!

Anonymous said...

Yeah, if you're old for going to bed at 11; I must be ancient for being in bed by 10. But don't worry; I heard that 30 is the new 20, so we're good for awhile.=)


Anonymous said...

making referance to Donnie Osmond, Johnnie Carson, Micky Mantle, or Roger Staubach and getting blank stairs...

irox said...

I'm getting old when NKOTB is coming back to Tulsa and I was 14 the last time they played here.