Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Tales from the sick bed

2010 was the year of the lame blogger- me. Wow. 32 blogs for the whole year! I can't say I'll do better this year, but here I am.

What else could drive me to blog? Being in bed with the flu. Day 4. The lack of human interaction is starting to seriously get me down. I MISS PEOPLE. I've never had the flu before, to mine or my mother's recollection. In fact when I went to the doctor, the nurse didn't want to test me for the flu because she didn't think I had it. This is because I didn't have a fever. But here's a fun fact about me- I can only think of one time in my adult life that I've run a fever (including my months and months in the hospital). I just don't get fevers. But alas, positive for type A. Yes, I did get a flu shot. Yes, I will continue getting them. Bad luck this year.

I got a new camera. Canon Rebel XTi. I love it. My first toe into the DSLR world. I've been playing with it and am totally in love.


In other news, some folks know that I like to go to estate sales (thanks to Auvrey for introducing me into this world years ago). I've started trying to sell some stuff online and have had two big hits of good luck. I sold a lovely 1930's Samsonite train case for approx 8x more than I bought it (plus shipping). Also, last weekend (pre-flu strike) I got an antique typewriter at an estate sale.

Annell' No3A

If I had picked it up before I bought it, I might not have bought it. :) It was so heavy! (turns out it's approx. 27 pounds) So I brought it home and started googling it. Turns out it is an Annell' No3A typewriter from 1922. You can see a vintage advertisement for it here. Apparently it is very rare in the antique typewriter collector world. I've already had an offer that is 10x what I paid for it. I'm pretty stoked, and can't wait to get it off my hands.

Flipping vintage items definitely isn't something I'd want to do full time, but it's a fun hobby.

Ok, time to go lay down again. Blog you again soon, Lord willing.


Alyson said...

boo! I'm sorry you're sick! I can relate to the fever thing, though. My normal temperature is about 97 degrees, so even if I'm running a fever for me (which is rare anyway) it doesn't register as a fever. It's hard to get sympathy without a fever, but you have all my sympathy.

Dwight said...

nice pics. I hope to get a DSLR soon myself.