Sunday, April 25, 2004

Cell Phones

Something that a lot of people don't know about me that they probably should know about me is my feelings towards cell phones. Cell phones are great for emergencies, drivers, and long distance calling after 9pm. However, usually I feel like cell phones are for calling out rather than receiving calls.
I have a cell phone, but I rarely take it with me when I go out. My friend noted this the other day and asked if he needed to remind me what the purpose of a cell phone was. But my thoughts are, is there something so urgent that someone needs to tell me that it can't wait until I get back from wherever I've been?
I think my ultimate pet peeve is when I am talking to someone and then suddenly comes the conversation halter-- the evil cell phone ring. Suddenly whoever is on the phone is 100 times more important than me. Then the kicker is when you know the person on the line has asked them what they're doing and their reply is, "nothing." So now I'm unimportant and nothing! So lesson 1: it is rude to answer a cell phone when you're talking to someone else. Exceptions to this rule are if it is your husband/wife, or if there is an emergency.
My second major issue with cell phones is one that I believe many people hold. It is so perturbing when you're in church and a cell phone rings. Who is calling you?! Why did you need to bring your cell phone into church in the first place? Many people limit their annoyance with cell phone ringing to church or the movies, but mine extends to restaurants, libraries, class, Bible study, chapel... basically any place where I have to hear your stupid customized ring. A lot of people think they can avoid this faux pas by turning the phone onto vibrating option, but many times the vibrating sound is just as distracting as the ring. So lesson 2: Just leave your phone in the car, or turn it off, or leave it at home.
Yes, this makes me the cell phone nazi, but perhaps through this rant I can bring one person to the light.
PS- Dr. Phil has my back on this one!

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