Tuesday, April 27, 2004


Who would have thought, but I have turned out to be quite the little shopper since this weekend. 4.5 hours of shopping on Saturday, 2 hours yesterday, and 2 hours today. What is wrong with me?! Those who know me know that this is not typical for me at all. I usually can't stay in a mall more than an hour. So what is causing this shopping binge? Graduation! Finding the perfect graduation outfit has taken an abnormal priority in my life. Since Saturday, I have visited the following stores to find an outfit: JC Penney, Gap, Dillards, Lerner New York, American Eagle, TJ Maxx, Ross, Old Navy, Wal Mart, Dress Barn, Kohls, and Target. Many of these I have visited at least twice, and some of them I have visited 2 separate locations. I would be fancy and link all of those, but it'd take too long! :)
My friends have been baffled when I tell them about how much time I've invested into this, but my answer to them is that sometimes a girl just wants to look pretty. I joke that I may never have a wedding, and my college graduation may be the closest I get to having a "special day."
Well, after all this effort, I did not find the "perfect" outfit, but I found one that will suffice. I think I will look nice. I guess you guys who see me Friday can be the judge of that. Today's excursion was to find the perfect shoes to go with my cute outfit, but that mission failed and I decided to wear a pair of shoes I already own.
So there you go, folks-- proof that this chick can be overly girly and somewhat obsessive compulsive.
*UPDATE 10:24pm*
I just got back from one more excursion. I decided the color of blouse I got washed me out and I needed to go for something different, so I exchanged it for another color. You can add 1 hour to my tally.

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