Saturday, May 20, 2006

The Good Stuff, Vol. 2

About a month I started what I said was a series of blogs on the best CDs I own. Although it may appear I am very vain concerning my own taste, I really am just trying to spread the happiness. :)

In the last installment featured those artists who I deemed worthy of buying their entire body of work. This time I want to focus on one genre near and dear to my heart-- contemporary Christian music.

So, drum roll please, may I present a few CDs that I think are fabulous and are the staple of my CD collection.

*Caedmon's Call-- 40 Acres
  • This is a great CD that I have listened to innumerable times; in fact, I just got done listening to it for the first time in a while and am awe-struck all over again. I'm generally a fan of any old school Caedmon's Call (when Derek Webb was with them), but to me this is the gem of their work. I could rave about every song on this album!
*Avalon-- Avalon
  • I'm guessing this was Avalon's first CD since it's self-titled. Although KLOVE has kind of beaten Avalon into the ground for me at times, they are truly beautiful singers (I love big voices like that). This CD is full of powerful and beautiful songs.
*DC Talk-- Jesus Freak
  • I think I was just starting high school and just getting into the trepidacious waters of instrumental... dare I say, even rock Christian music when this came out . :) I add this CD to the list because it was groundbreaking and blazed a trail for a new kind of Christian music. The songs are all classics. And you just don't hear a voice like Kevin Max's everyday.
*Rich Mullins-- The Awesome God Tribute Album
  • This is my homage to one of the master songwriters of Christian music and an all around rock awesome guy. A little background if you don't know-- Rich Mullins wrote lots of songs we know and love (Awesome God, Step by Step, Hold Me Jesus) and lived a radically simple and extraordinary generous lifestyle. He's not my favorite singer, but he's an amazing songwriter. Well, he died in a car accident about 1997 I think, and several big name Christian singers sang his songs on this tribute album. And it is amazing!
*Third Day-- Offerings
  • There's actually Offerings Vol. 1 and 2, and I love both. Great, foundational praise music. Max Powell's voice is beautiful, and the songs have powerful messages. Who doesn't love Third Day? :)

And because I can't forget my roots, I give you an a capella album--

*Acappella-- The Collection
  • If you grew up CofC, then you know Acappella (that is, unless you went to one of those churches that thought even Acappella was cutting it a little close. I swear to you, I had a conversation with a friend in college and he said, "Well I don't know about them... you know they do make noises with their mouths." Despite the obvious insanity on many levels, I kid you not-- I heard it with my own ears). I don't know how many hours I've spent on long car trips listening to them. It was hard to choose one album that was my favorite (gotta love "Travelin' Shoes," "Sweet Fellowship", "More than Conquerors", "Rescue" "Hymns for the World" just to think of a few that mean so much to me off the top of my head), so I played it safe and chose their greatest hits album. Lord have mercy, these guys can sing! Beeeeeeautiful.

That's all for this time's installment of CDs you should own. Feel free to share your own faves in the commends! Tune in next time when I cover my other favorite genre-- musicals and soundtracks! :)


crittermer said...

Those are some of my faves, too!=)

Misty said...

Some of my happiest childhood memories from childhood involve Acapella and AVB as the soundtrack to our twelve our trips to Illinois. (If my dad was driving, it was Dire Straits and Alabama).

Dr. Bubba said...

Hi Ann,

Let me introduce name is Terry Adams and I found your blog thru Jason Fry's blog. I know Jason thru the web and varmint hunting interests.

Anyway, I came over to see what was happening at your blog and saw your CD listing of contemporary Christian music.

Though I am not sure how folks feel about this artist I have found that his music and lyrics are powerful. If you have not tried him then I recommend you giving him a try. His name is Bruce Carroll and he is not recording as much these days but I particularly like his earlier albums..the first three basically. He sits sorta on the
edge of country and pop I think. Hard to describe where it would fit.


Cris Carpenter said...

hi ann! i saw your comment on mike cope's blog and thought i'd come over and say hi. sorry elliot lost :(. i was heartbroken was chris was kicked off...thanks to you and that one night at my house a few weeks ago, i was addicted to the last few episodes! glad to hear you're doing so much better.

Summer said...

Oh Ann, such great taste, as always! I need to dig these out of my collection and give them a listen. I'll dedicate my adventure to you!