Friday, May 12, 2006


I don’t have many hidden talents, but the one I do have is that the skill of juggling. Did you know I can juggle? Well I can!

I learned way back in 2001, quite randomly. It turns out one of my good friends has taught juggling for years and years, and I learned from him. Domo arigato, Ben-sensei!

I’m not a master juggler like Ben, but I have recently been trying to brush up my skills and learn a few new tricks. It’s so fun!

Juggling is always a good skill to know so far as I can figure, because if you ever fall on hard times you can always perform on street corners for loose change. The time it came in most handy was when I was teaching in kindergartens in Japan. Ha, everybody loves a clown, right?! ;) Yes, you always become popular with the 5 and under crowd when you can throw and catch in an orderly fashion.

So I dedicate this blog to the ancient art of juggling and my teacher and friend, Ben.

What's your hidden talent?

Juggling act in our talent show in Brazil
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We had been practicing this trick for hours probably. (It was me, of course, who was impeding the process, not Ben!) But as you can see we still kept a good sense of humor about it. And poor Cherry would watch then run and duck for cover when our practice sessions turned into bean-bag wars. :) Ben and I had a history of throwing things at each other, but that's another blog for another day. :)
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Leah said...

Yay for juggling, Brazil and LST parties! I am so thankful you guys were there. You made my experience in Brazil even better!

Misty said...

That is a special talent, one which I do not have.

We did a unit on juggling in gym every year I was in grade school. That and the stupid rope were two reasons why I decided to become an artist and draw unicorns for the rest of my life.

Anonymous said...

It is totally unacceptable that you have concealed your juggling skills to me until now. Therefore, next time I see you, you must apologize to me while juggling three kittens. No exceptions.

jojo said...

You must have been very popular in Japanese Elementary schools! I have heard that Kids in Japan are always asking foreign nationals and language teachers:
"あなたの特技は何ですか?(What's your special ability?)".
You are probably one of the few that could give an answer that would satisfy young students! My answers would probably never appease anyone. Well, I can cook curry rice and spaghetti, but that's were my talents end.

crittermer said...

When I was in high school physics, the teacher gave extra credit to any student who could juggle 3 objects for 30 straight seconds. I was one of the only sad students who was never awarded the extra points. I just don't work that way! It was physics--not juggling--for crying out loud.=)

You can try to give me juggling lessons next time you see me, but it probably won't do any good.=)

Anonymous said...

they tried to teach me juggling in seminary one year... i was not so good at it.

i can jiggle my eyes back and forth really really fast - that is my only special talent. but if i could trade my eye jiggle trick in for the ability to juggle, i would...

Leah said...

I agree Ann, I am worried about Elliott. Silly me, didn't even think to vote. I think I am just sad about Chris being gone that I wasn't wholeheartedly into it last night. Everything just seemed mediocre. But I guess we will see. Good girl for voting!