Monday, August 14, 2006

Crazy People Running

I have gotten techno savvy enough to add video to my blog, I hope.

Maybe no one else will find this funny, but last night as I watched it (over and over) I was laughing HYSTERICALLY.

So let me tell you exactly what it is. My friends and I were on foot for most of the day we toured Brasília, which made for some fun crossing the street moments. This was the funniest. There were 7 of us trying to cross 6 lanes of one of the busiest streets in down town Brasília. We made several attempts but only got across a lane or two before screaming and running back to the side we started on.

One one trip I thought we were clear so we all started running and everyone elese turned around halfway except me, the American who kept running for her life. My friends were screaming at me (I think gringos crossing streets here make them nervous-- for good reason if you know Brazilian traffic!), but I made it just fine. :) So I was in perfect position to record their run across the street.

The reason this is so darn funny to me is that there´s something different to laugh at every time. Whether you watch a different person running each time, or you notice that in the beginning they´re running for their lives, but with each of them there´s a moment where they realize I´m recording them and they start laughing, or whatever, it is freaking hilarious to me and I cried laughing last night watching it. :)

I don´t think this is super high quality (youtube is free, so what can we expect), but I hope you can see enough to think it´s funny.

By the way, it´s only 5 seconds so I think even dialup people won´t have a lot of trouble downloading it.

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