Monday, September 25, 2006

I went to São Paulo!

Oi meu povo (my people)!

Since I have been going for the informative, to the point titles, you can see where this is going. I went to São Paulo for the weekend!

I have two good friends who live there, and so I went to visit them. They planned some really cool stuff. For one, I got to go to my SECOND Brazilian national sporting event (remember the volleyball game in Brasília)!!!!! This time it was the FIBA world women´s basketball series. And Brazil was playing the US in the match for the bronze! It was hard to know who to cheer for. So I cheered for both. :)

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Soraya (one of my friends who lives in SP) and me at the game

Then we went to Ibirapuera Park, which is really a cool place. Great atmosphere with lots of nature and people having fun and things.

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Me and Thiago (my other good friend in SP) at the park with some of the SP skyline behind us

We did lots of great things. I met so many wonderful people, including Felipe and Thauana. Felipe is Thiago´s roommate and Thauana is his girlfriend, and I absoutely fell in love with them. Hanging out with everyone this weekend was like I was with a group of old friends. It´s times like this I believe without a doubt that God is so merciful and kind and grants us just what we need when we need it in our lives.

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Phil and Thauana

We did lots of cool things and I saw a lot of the city. I could drone on, but it´d probably be boring. It was a great weekend and I can´t wait to go back and see them all again!

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