Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Best Toy Ever

If you've never played with Google Earth, you are missing out. It's this awesome quasi-three dimensional global map computer program that lets you see incredibly detailed true picture maps of nearly anywhere in the world. I'll just post some of my own doodles. :) I don't know how well they'll show up (size-wise), so I think you can click on them if you want a better look.

My old Japanese stomping ground. Mashiko Heights was my apartment building, and Namekawa Cho Gakko was the school I worked at.

Eu deixei meu coração aqui. This is Itu. Please note that when I broke my toe, I had to walk from the "Portal Bus Stop" to the "Gonçalves´ House". Yeah, now you feel my pain!

Aaaaeeee, que triste! :(

This is for my dad and great-aunt and whoever else in the family reads the blog. :)

What a cool toy, huh?!?! It's the strangest thing; I look at those roads and buildings and I honestly feel like I'm at any one of those places again.


Allison said...

this post is so suitable for your "born to fly" blog...it's like you're flying over all of these places! coooool.

hope you're well ann!

Taylor W said...

Google Earth is tons of fun. They added a new layer yesterday--AIA (American Institute of Architects). I haven't had a chance to play with it yet, but the video makes it look really neat.

Take a look: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=v7opoq9nP54

Pamela said...

I have google earth on my computer but I rarely play with it. It makes me way too sad. Especially when I'm looking at where I live right now and then it zooms out and flies me over to Itu and zooms in over there. It makes me realize how stinking far away I am! *sigh*

Cris said...

i'm so glad you put these on here! i've been wanting my parents to see google earth for a while. i found our house in brasilia one time and it freaked me right out. i love it. :)

April said...

Hi Ann,
I just thought I would come check out your blog. I have also played with google earth and it is so much fun! I hope all is going well for you!