Monday, April 23, 2007

Girly Stuff

I wrote the title of this post then realized that people might not initially realize it's a divergence from my recent series on gender justice. :) But it is! Oh I'll be back with more to say on that soon, but I thought I'd take a little break before I lose my entire readership. But this is a different kind of girly stuff, as in pictures of flowers and how I decorated my bedroom.

I love spring, in case I haven't mentioned it here. Each couple of weeks brings some new blooming plant, and it's such a renewable joy in my life. Here are the mystery plants that were beginning to grow in my front yard when I moved in:

My next door neighbors who apparently don't live there (I've never seen anyone actually at the house) have a beautiful backyard, wildly growing garden. There are several big rosebushes blooming right now. I felt at liberty to take pictures because it hangs into my back yard:

And for vanity's sake--
Also, I'm pretty sure my mother would be the only one who cares to see this, but here are pictures of my bedroom since I have semi decorated it.

I think it's pretty! The color scheme is tan/beige/cream and lavender. I even "made" my curtains myself!

Alright, I'll try to get back to the hermeneutics stuff soon. I hope my mom enjoyed this. :)


Anonymous said...

Really, Ann, I don't think you should have to apologize for posts you've written or posts you might write in the weeks to come. One of the most refreshing things about your blog is that there's always something new on the menu. You're quite gifted at expressing yourself online with sometimes fun, sometimes provocative--sometimes both--posts. Thank you, always, for these serendipitous windows into what's going on in your world.


Anonymous said...

P.S. Your room looks fantastic!

Pamela said...

I like your room!!! I'm so glad I'm going to see you next month! WOOHOO!!!!!!

Summer said...

Love the room! I'm so happy that you have a real bed frame/headboard too - I still haven't made it that far! Nothing makes a bedroom look finished like a nice bed.

Mark and Kelly said...

Classy! Looks like you're settling in, despite your recent doubts about being involved with the public school system:)

amy jo said...

I love the flowers! The colors are so pretty! The flowers in the first picture are irises. Your room looks good too!

ann said...

Girls rule! Thanks for all the comments. The bed is great; it is from my grandparents' house and the one I slept on growing up when I'd visit them. It's antique wrought-iron with the original springs. I love it! It's extraordinarily bouncy. :)